Building data as a base for the future of real estate.

The solution.

Convert vision into practical policy.

Convert a vision of sustainability into a practical policy and be a frontrunner in the sector. AIMZ prevents unnecessary heating and cooling of your building. It learns by analysing your building data and steers in real-time.

This will save you energy fully automatic. In addition, the output reveals whether insulating, for example, is an effective measure for you. This allows you to better decide how the building will be future-proof.


AIMZ: how does it work?

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Connecting to AIMZ is simple

  • Digital data extraction from the building
  • Digital control of the building
  • Improving comfort
  • Actual weather conditions, weather forecasts
  • Learning from other buildings
  • Effective sustainability towards 2030

Read here what more building data can realise for you.

Dealing effectively with available information.

Piet Jan Bloem

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