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Connecting your building (digitally) to AIMZ.

With the AIMZ box in your building, you only need to digitally release the (HVAC) control system and provide an internet connection. AIMZ will take care of the rest.

Your service contracts do not change. All service agreements with third parties remain 100% the same. AIMZ is your digital colleague who aims for optimal energy consumption.

Connect to AIMZ

De oplossing


By connecting to AIMZ you save energy fully automated and you own a data system that pays for itself. In the near future we will be developing additional modules for more sustainable real estate:

  • Validation
  • Greening
  • Broaden
  • Strategic decisions

Want to know more? Read it here.

With an existing HVAC control system within your building, your building is compatible with AIMZ. An annual energy bill of € 50,000 has a guaranteed payback period of 5 years. With improved comfort and more insight into more sustainability.

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